Imagine you can capture the imagination of the world without letting them know who you are.

Imagine you can speak a word of wisdom, inspire a multitude, and transform lives without a hint of who has spoken.

Just simply imagine

a friend, a kindred spirit

I am

without a name, without a face.

Someday, you will know.

Who Am I?

I am a divine sparkle (credits to Dr. Wyne Dyer who reminded me of the divinity of each of us).

I carry the torch like a lighthouse guiding the ships sailing in the dark.

The are times when this sparkle shines brightly and there are also ebb times when this sparkle is dimmed– but never extinguished nonetheless. Such are the times when my authenticity is tested.

I am a piece of the vast creation, a child of the universe no less than the moon and the stars.

I am a spiritual sojourner just like you on a pilgrimage with a heart of a servant.


537103_401167356562065_311204422225026_1554517_1865229443_nThe Internet has been a great help in my spiritual nourishment. It started in 2001 when I came across the sites which provided spiritual nourishment during working breaks.

Silently on my desk, I had a Crosswalk.com devotionals first hour in the morning. I also had Daily Word every 3:30 pm from Mondays through Fridays. Along with spiritual food, I took a daily doze of Ralph Marston’s Great Day motivational. Once in a while, I visited some prayer requests sites to see the myriad of concerns that beset humanity and I shot an arrow prayers for them.

A decade had passed and these three sites remain to be the essential components of my daily spiritual meals. In recent years though, I added supplementary dietary requirements to include Neale Donald Walsh’s God Wants You to Know which is delivered into my inbox daily.

I remember the passages from the Holy Scriptures which I read when I was very young; and through the help of Internet, I can just look up at the verses. I had lived out the verses in my life. They have been the lamp unto my feet and a light upon my path.

I have written many personal journals. Someday, they will become memoirs or a stuff that will make a book. This blog is an attempt to collect my spiritual whispering online. Spiritual soujurners who incidentally come across my path may share with me the inspiration of journeying daily in spirit.

I had explored other pathways and I learned they, too, have their own truths.  But I have come back to my place of solitude and seek the treasured connection I have with my Maker just like the old days.  My Maker has never left my side although many were the moments I could not feel His guiding presence and I have thought He had left me. I still call Him “Abba Father” until I feel again I am His.

Come and walk away!


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