Rediscovering love

I did no go looking for God. It was God who knocked at the door of my heart.

He chose me because I have a pure heart. But I have forgotten this.

I unpacked my notebook which I kept in the archive. I haven’t written on a paper diary for quite sometime, besides I have a blog to run my thoughts. But something beseeched my heart. I missed to scribble something. There are things I missed, like a book, a flowing brook, some leaves falling to the ground, a summer breeze, a rose, a long-lost lover…

Suddenly, a gust of inspiration sweeps over me and I realized I am alive. I wrote in my diary, death is not about the grave but is it the state where love is non-existent. To exist without love robs you of power and you cease to dream and you go day by day devoid of purpose. The magic is gone.

It is love that lifts you to high places and all things become possible. This magical state is very evident when you anticipate a meeting with a new lover. Suddenly, love commands you to do everything you can possibly do. Love is bliss.  But the highest form of love is the love of God where you are in touch with the ethereal and with infinity.  This state of connection happens to those who have a child-like heart . God does not enter a heart shut by human intellect.

Just a pure and simple heart – God will enter and he will stay.


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