God restores….


This blog has been silent for quite a while. Isn’t it in silence that the trees grow and the flowers bloom? Isn’t it in silence that we can hear our inner self more clearly?

In stillness, God moves and speaks. God cannot be found in restlessness.

I have no Scriptures to share at this point. All I have are but a few words coming from my heart albeit my heart is groaning for words.

Synchronity, coincidences, serendipity– whatever you may call it– is happening.

A few days ago, I was pondering on the three powerful words Paul has written in Corinthians 13: faith, hope, and love.

If we have faith as small as mustard seed, we can command a mountain to move from here to there. But this faith is too vulnerable; it can be taken away from us and if that happens, we lose the power of God to work incredible things on our behalf. The enemies of faith: dogmas, doctrines, intellectual stuff that lead us astray from who we really are.

You want to comprehend God and to know his power? Then go back to your heart, a heart that knows what tenderness, kindness, compassion, and care is all about. Go back to your first love. Go back to the voice that has called your name long time ago. Go back to love, and in love you find God.

Stay in the love of God and all is well. Love protects, love cares.


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