Technology has done incredible things. It can even lead me to the distant past where memories are supposed to have been buried.

As a young girl then, I fell in love, but lost it. Dreams were shattered and tears flooded the earth. The nights were dark and long and all the stars were gone.

522864_401162396562561_311204422225026_1554508_2015579686_nBut when one chapter of life closes, the next chapter begins. And life goes on.

Google can provide all sort of information possible, and I don’t know why should I search for his name. And there it goes– his photo came up and all the current details about him.

But what touches me most is to know his dad and mom love Jesus.

For a short moment in my life, I was part of them and they were part of me.

But Jesus had other plans why we parted.

I have to make peace with my past, face today, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. The best is yet to come.

And here’s an inspiration in my aha moment:

What is forgiveness?

It is the process of releasing resentment, judgement, and hatred, and letting the aggressor go. It is the brave act of blessing the aggressor.

But it also means drawing the boundary of protecting oneself so that healing can do its work.

I have to move on with a smile. I had love them but I have my own life now which is peaceful.

Yes, because He lives, I can always face tomorrow.


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