I’m coming home

Thanks to Caroll Lee (Kryon the magnetic service). We have crossed paths again and he let me pause for a moment. I listened to what he’s saying. He is pointing to me the way home.

Why I have been so disconnected? He said it is so because I have forgotten home. I have been wandering in the desert with my jar full of knowledge, worldly knowledge, chasing something, creating my own vacuum, and I have forgotten who I am. Kryon helped me remember.

Yes I am coming home and I am pushing the door, pushing really hard.

This is the image of home. A place where a mother tends to her child. Mother is always waiting for the return of her child. Yes this image is all too familiar.


Likewise, thanks to Billy Graham Crusade for the gift of music inspiring the world. How lovely to ponder on the words. It is a celebration of coming home.

Through it all (lyrics) – Andrae Crouch


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