My “El Shaddai”


I haven’t attended church regularly these days unlike the way I did several years ago back home. Moving to a new territory like living in exile makes things different, usually it is far from comfortable.

I have to make peace with life, embracing the land, feeling the pulse of the earth walked past by ancient ancestors for many, many generations. This too is part of God’s vast and wonderful creation. I have to see what is my part of this entourage (credits to Kryon). God has a purpose why He brought me here.

At church, the preacher talked about prayer. Like her, I know what prayer is all about and I know its power. Pray without ceasing, she said, reiterating what the apostle Paul had written.

I do…even though I know God has turned a deaf ear, did he?…..

No, he didn’t.

I never worried about my needs knowing that the God is know is El Shaddai – the all sufficient one. Charles Spurgeon is right.

breadLet us learn to live in the presence of the living God; let us pray the Holy Spirit that this day, and every other day, we may feel, “Thou God seest me.” May the Lord Jehovah be as a well to us, delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up unto eternal life. The bottle of the creature cracks and dries up, but the well of the Creator never fails; happy is he who dwells at the well, and so has abundant and constant supplies near at hand. The Lord has been a sure helper to others: His name is Shaddai, God All-sufficient; our hearts have often had most delightful intercourse with Him; through Him our soul has found her glorious Husband, the Lord Jesus; and in Him this day we live, and move, and have our being; let us, then, dwell in closest fellowship with Him. Glorious Lord, constrain us that we may never leave Thee, but dwell by the well of the living God.

God never left me. I should trust and believe once more. I will continue to pray without ceasing. He is the all-enduring El Shaddai.


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