Unlimited source


Here’s the meditation of my soul at this hour:

Have I ever questioned God’s capability to supply all my needs? No, not ever. For many years, there has always been food on the dining table to nourish me. There has always been a shelter to cover my head– to keep me dry and warm or to keep me cool from the scorching heat of the sun. He has blessed me with good health, good friends, and all I ever need to be satisfied.

My heart’s desire is not material riches, but God’s continuous provision according to His riches and glory and the assurance that He will never leave me.

Materialism breeds fear and disconnection to the source of all. House, car, bills….the list is endless. Man toils for a lifetime to pay for a property he calls his own, to pay for an ambition- a status society requires. Oh the wise King Solomon has said long, long time ago–vanity, vanity, and more vanity, a chasing after the wind.

But in the mid of chaos and of vanity, I return to the center of my soul, emptying myself until the only thing left for me is God–and His grace fills me with loving kindness.

He is my Jehovah Jireh.

It is only then that I become infinite and eternal.


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