A journey in the desert

“I have always loved the desert.  One sits down on a desert sand dune,

sees nothing, hears nothing.  Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…”

―    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,    The Little Prince

There is nothing fancy about the desert.  The desert I know is not a place where the moon glows amid the purple sky. The desert I know is an endless sea, parched and dried up– a desolate place where no sojourners dare to go.


It recurs– I pass by this desert, not on my my free will, but a part of a natural cycle of existence. It is barren, a life in exile.

A spiritual leader said the desert is a place of major significance. The desert teaches us something….

I think I know….

I learned that it is in my nothingness,  I come to know the stuff I am made of. In my barrenness and nakedness,  I see the strength of character building in me– humility, grace, surrender.

The desert taught me to wait; and as long as there is air filling my lungs each morning wake, the desert is a sacred place, a place where I learned to hope, and believe that hope will never fail.


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