A Brave New Year


Remember those days when you had a friend who believed so much in you? Or those days when you were so sure about yourself? There was so much love and you were capable of doing every conceivable thing. You trusted in the magical powers of the universe that will show the way, unfolding your path to your destiny without fear.

But there was a juncture in your journey when you lost that cosmic connection. That presence that once pervaded your heart with grand imaginings has left you. And you find yourself forsaken in the most downthrodden path.

You fall to your knees and reach out calling to the Heavenly God who has called you, but He deals with you in silence and that silence lingered like eternity.

Doubts and uncertainly assail in the darkest hour. You invoke the warrior in you braving the darkness holding on to your uncompromising truth. Is God real?

You look deeper into your heart bleeding, betrayed.

But it still sings. It knows the beautiful, the noble, the uplifting. It has music, philosophy, and poetry.

Love waits in the wilderness. Love hopes in the most barren land

Clinging on to hope….

and to believe once more.


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