Be still…..

I laugh, I smile. Is this serendipity?

What a sage you are Neale!

I have come to the stage of inaction, of letting it go, of letting it be. I have worked so hard, examined my motives, gave thanks. And surrender. If God will not bless my prayers, I will still stand in awe of him, I will still exalt His name in full reverence. This life itself is a wondrous gift I couldn’t be more grateful! He who set the cosmos in perfect order, In Him I owe this gift.

I have learned compassion, kindness, generosity, humility, surrender, non-judgement, forgiveness.

I opened my heart to God and asked for restoration.

I desire to love once more.

My heart aches but He said, He binds my wound. He is near to the broken-hearted.

Even though the locusts have eaten my years, God is more than able to restore and He can do exceedingly beyond anything I can imagine.

Everything will work for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I will wait in expectation.

May my heart be at peace.

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

…that less and less do you need to force things, until

you finally arrive at non-action.

This is the message of the Tao Te Ching,  and it is
true. Werner Erhard has taught, “Life will resolve
itself in the process of Life Itself.” Byron Katie says
that liberation is “Loving What Is.”
And Stephen Mitchell calls non-action “the purest and
most effective form of action. The game plays the game;
the poem writes the poem; we can’t tell the dancer from
the dance.”
Perhaps the best thing you can do right now
is nothing at all.

Love, Your Friend…. neale


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