Simplicity of the Heart

This is what I learned from the world, how to tap the spirit of the universe. That spirit has been with me as a child.. I am born with it. It has always been with me but lost when I forget what simplicity is and pretend to “know” things.

It’s 3:31– an extraordinary dawn. A new hope is telling me to rise and reach out. Simplicity of the heart, it’s the way to face each day. Like an unquestioning child, live life full of innocence and wonder.

Had I ever thought that philosophy has hardened my heart and magnified the ego? Pretensions, biases, world views, arrogance– all these have separated me from who I am, a simple child of the universe. Skepticism has dimmed my hopes and limited my path.

Look for inspiration and everything becomes possible when the heart is attuned to the simplicity that it is.

God has made me wonderful and that’s the way it is.


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