Remember who you are


I remember…..

Going back home

and mother opened the door and said, “my child, welcome home!”

What could be more precious than a voice of a mother calling her child her own

She cooked my favourite dish and nourished me.

I remember the old villages she tagged me along with,

the faces of folks who admired that lovely child of her- that was me

and mother was so proud

I must have been an angel.

I was with mother when we went to the river

We laundered the soiled clothes then had our bruch of rice and steamed veggies;

sometimes I picked the ripened cherry tomatoes on the river bank.

I remember we went there at dawn

when the moon was shining and its glimmer reflected in the water.

I remember the bridge at a distance and assured me a pathway into my future

The universe will unfold my destiny.


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